Adeliane is on Bandcamp

Our fourth album Adeliane is available on Bandcamp.

Adeliane is one of the mort important figure of Shadows of Esteren's universe.

You take your body on these paths
The rhythm of your heart
Of your steps

This body of pain
You walk further
Deeper within yourself

Travel these landscapes
And travel them again
What do you find on this journey

All becomes clear and so bright
As you fall asleep
And fall again

Is it the time of great changes
The time where things rise
And quietly die

Travel these landscapes
And travel them again
What do you find on this journey

The wind is blowing
Your face
Your gaze

What do you find on this journey


Composed by François Rousselot.
Performed by Clarisse May and the Budpapest Symphonic Orhestra.
released September 19, 2019

Production : Benjamin Torval | Mix : Marc Gueroult | Mastering : Marc Gueroult | Art : Gawain | Layout : Benjamin Torval

Meet us at UK Games Expo

For the 7th year, we will be at UK Games Expo this weekend in Birmingham. We will introduce our new book: Dearg. Please visit us at our booth 1-251 in the main hall.

Happy new year !

There we are! We have barely celebrated the eighth anniversary of Esteren and already 2019 has come!

What is there in store for this new year? Several projects of the Shadows of Esteren universe are reaching completion, such as Dearg, the official campaign, or Adeliane, the latest music album. Others are in progress, like the famous book of Secrets, the comic book, a fifth album… and many others, some of which may bring Esteren to new heights—though it is too soon to talk about it yet. 2019 promises to be a fruitful and eventful year. The adventure goes on with you, the community that has kept supporting us year after year. For that, we thank you deeply, we feel truly blessed.

 A very happy new year to all of you. If you happen to be in France in February, come see us at the Festival des Jeux de Cannes for the first date of our 2019 tour :)

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Looking for Volunteers for UKGE 2018 & Gen Con 2018

Hello everyone,

As you may already know, there will be a Shadows of Esteren booth at UKGE 2018 in England and at Gen Con 2018 in the US, which will be run by some members of the team.
However, these big game conventions are a lot for a small team to handle, which is why we are going to need some extra support... a support which YOU may provide!

Running the Booth

You'll have to do what you must have all seen booth holders do: stick around, be all smiles, and be ready to provide a rundown about the universe and answer questions!

► You will remain with us at the Shadows of Esteren booth for the most part of the days. You will be given one hour or two to go around, grab a bite, chat with friends, check out other booths, etc. but we will be counting on you to stay with us most of the time.

► Since the books we've released so far will be our main products, you will be expected to have reliable knowledge about them, so that you can describe them and answer questions about them, the most important one being of course Book 1, the core book.

► What's in for you? You will be given some gift at the Shadows of Esteren booth, and you will be cordially invited to come with us at the end of the day for a few drinks and some merry chatting. You also will get a precious exhibitor badge.

And of course, once more, only offer your help if you are certain that you will be available. Not getting any help would be a bummer, but being promised help that will not come in the end would be a major pain in the butt.

That's it! If you wish to volunteer for a convention, please fill this form and we will get back to you.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us; we'll do our best to provide complete and reliable answers. We hope that we'll have the pleasure of having some of you by our side!

Back from Essen SPIEL

Here we are, back from a memorable journey! This Essen SPIEL was marked by an unforgettable new concert of Adeliane, performed by 4 musicians and singer Clarisse Mây, all lit by candles, with special guest Benjamin Loomes of Syrinscape. Strong emotions...!

A big thank you to the organizers of Spiel who supported us as well as the publisher Matagot. Thank you to our volunteers and friends who participated in the booth throughout the show. You are jewels! Thanks to all our community, publisher friends and great people we met there.

See you nerxt year!

Pre-order for Shadows of Esteren: Dearg on Backerkit

Please take a second to check out our recently launched Shadows of Esteren pre-order page on BackerKit. You can pre-order the campaign DEARG, some previous books and some limited edition items with nice discounts. If you missed the Kickstarter, this is the perfect moment to join :)

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Ticket Sales Open For Shadows of Esteren Concert at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL - FRI 27th OCT 4PM

This October, enjoy a unique classical music concert at the International Games Event SPIEL! You can book your ticket on Ticketbud. The singer Clarisse Mây and four musicians will be performing Shadows of Esteren’s fourth album: ADELIANE. As of now, this concert is a one-time-only event in Germany.

ADELIANE is a music album inspired by the universes of Philip Glass, Agnes Obel, and David Darling. It is one more window to the universe of Shadows of Esteren, a medieval world filled with dark romanticism, where ghastly horror and awe-inspiring beauty go hand in hand. ADELIANE is composed by François Rousselot, the composer of the OST of MR HUBLOT, which won the Oscar for best short animation in 2014.

The SPIEL concert will feature special guest Benjamin Loomes, renowned composer and creator of Syrinscape, the award-winning sound app for tabletop games, who will be filing the venue with the sounds of vicious storms, vast landscapes and other moody environments.

Note that you will need to attend SPIEL to enter this concert, as it will take place in the Saal Europa room, located inside the Messe Essen convention center.

Buy your tickets for the SPIEL
Listen to the Esteren's first three albums on Bandcamp

See you there 😊🎹🎻🎤🎼