“Gratisrollenspieltag” in Germany

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Thanks to our current Kickstarter campaign, we hope to be able to support and take part upcoming Gratisrollenspieltag in Germany!

The idea is simple: if we reach 50k of financing, we will be able to participate in “Gratisrollenspieltag”, organized in Germany by Moritz “Glgnfz” Mehlem. You can read the announcement here.

What is Gratisrollenspieltag? The principle is the following: an editor gives prizes (role-playing books, goodies, etc.) to the staff of Gratisrollenspieltag, who will then distribute them among the 150 shops and institutions taking part in this great gaming day, which will take place in Germany on February 2nd 2013. The goal is to promote the game and let it be experienced freely by both enthusiasts and neophytes in new games. You can check the official website here: http://gratisrollenspieltag.de/

Kickstarter will allow us to gather the necessary financing to participate in this event. In this regard, Kickstarter is truly an excellent system since in addition to financing a project and offering nice rewards to the backers, it allows us to use the funds gathered to back up this kind of initiative. This way, role-players from the entire world will make it possible to support the existence of role-playing games in Germany, while allowing Shadows of Esteren to be more widely known. Such a cooperation would be something wonderful to behold! This sharing is in the spirit of the “Kicking It Forward” program. This program has planned that part of the money gathered will be redistributed to help other projects come to life.

This state of mind is also in the continuity of the project of Shadows of Esteren, which was originally led by the Forgesonges associative collective, very active in France for the promotion of role-playing games, particularly through the “Démiurges en Herbes” (“Budding Demiurges”) contest, and the support of young role-playing game authors.

Thank you all for your support!
Yours truly,
The Shadows Team


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