The Mac Lyrs Legacy demo is online

3:49 AM Esteren 0 Comments

Back in 2009, we started our point'n'click project... it was a long long road! You can learn more about this project on the original French blog here: a translation tool allow you to read the blog post in English.

And today, here we are: we are so happy to announce the release of the first demo of Esteren: The Mac Lyrs Legacy. This demo includes the first chapter of the video game, an introduction which  will allow you to test the main features of the game.

Available in French and English, for PC and Android, the demo of the Mac Lyrs Legacy will be released first to our backers. It is the opportunity to thank you for your support all these years. Without you, we could never have finished this demo for the Mac Lyrs Legacy. In the future, we plan to open the demo to more players.

Have fun and a very Merry Christmas to all!


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