ENnies, GenCon... some news from the US!

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Hi everyone,

GenCon is over now, it was pure madness..! Esteren won three Ennies and the show was a huge success. It was so moving to receive those rewards..!

The warm welcome and very brotherhood feels was also very moving. Receive congrats and hugs from the best RPG compagnies is something very special.

Chris Birch (Achtung! Cthulhu), Nel and and Lisa Stevens

When Lisa Stevens says to you "you remind me our beginnings" or something like that, you know it is a very special moment...!!! Thank you to everyone who came to see us!! A special thanks to all the backers who came, it was so great to meet you all!

Richard (backer and great volunteer), Gawain (illustrator) and Franck (proofreader)

FFG staff with Amanda (retailer in Chicago and so nice volunteer) and Valentin from Agate RPG

A GREAT and so nice Osta-Baille backers with Gawain 

Nel, Gregory (cheers Becky!!!!) Richard, Clovis and Robert!

Val, Clovis, Daniel, Richard, Franck, Nel and Gawain

Nel and Brom... another crazy moment....!!!

You can check more pictures here and here.

In fact, all this would NEVER have happened without you. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

You are an awesome community, we are so proud of you. Esteren is an universe, a game but it is also a community. We will always try to do our best for you !


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Kickstarter for Book 2 Travels is Live!

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Only two hours and you smashed the initial goal. Two days and we are beyond $40.000... This is truly amazing ! THANK YOU!

Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Travels -- Kicktraq Mini


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This is Kickstarter!

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Some of you have started to receive their rewards for the Book 0 Prologue ... all of them should be shipped before the end of the month.

Today, a small post and two photos!

Initially, the Book 0 Prologue is a soft cover book. Here's how it came out in France, funded by our editor:

Not bad: 80 pages full color book.

But feel the difference. Here is the version funded by this Kickstarter, by YOU :

It's really magical. We were able to go beyond what we wanted for this book. It is a great pleasure for authors to see their work highlighted this way.

THANK YOU all for this great adventure.

Enjoy your trip in Tri-Kazel! And please share with us your feedbacks!

The Esteren Team


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Some news and 2013 schedule for Esteren

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Here is an update from Kickstarter, it will give you some news about the project and our schedule for 2013.. let's go:

Hello everyone!

Well, it is quite late but... Happy New Year 2013! We hope it started well for you!

As January comes to an end, it is time to take stock on the evolution of the production of the contents for Book 0 Prologue. The success of the campaign meant a massive increase of work for us... which is obviously a good thing!

Actually, since the end of the campaign at the end of November, we have worked a lot, and I am glad to announce that most of the additional contents are ready. For example, all of the tile boards are done (just above a sample, you can click to enlarge).

The PDF with the clues for Loch Varn is also complete. For this occasion, we have revamped the visuals of the original version to create new layouts. As soon as we are done, we will send the PDF file to the backers who have pledged for it. Here are a few samples:

Also, we are still working on the portraits and characters of the Lords of Shadows, and of our faithful Seòl Patrons. Here are some of them on your left (click to enlarge).

An Expected Time of Arrival?

Regarding the delivery date, it had been announced for March. As things are, we are going to be a bit late and will only be able to send the packages in April. We are sorry for the delay; we are going as fast as we can, but the success of the campaign did add a lot of work! All of the products will be printed at the same time, so we must finish the last elements before the printing can begin.

Also, take note that our colleagues from Studio 2 Publishing have had a lot of logistic matters to deal with recently. If Jim Searcy has not answered all of your messages yet, rest assured that it will be done as soon as possible. If there is a problem with your rewards, do not hesitate to inform us by sending us a new message or by posting a comment here. These matters will be given due attention.

Meanwhile, in France...

In parallel with all of this, we are also working on the next opuses of the series in France! We have also issued our schedule for 2013: we plan to release the official campaign for Shadows of Esteren, but also a new album and–hopefully–the point'n'click video game. We have been working on it for several years, and soon, it will be possible to start an Alpha testing session.


I am telling you about it because we intend to make an English version of the game available as quickly as possible! Also, in February, we are going to start a fundraiser in France, through Ulule (Kickstarter's French little sibling for French projects), for the campaign. And we are probably going to make something available for you too... stay tuned!

The 2013 schedule for the English version of Shadows of Esteren

For 2013, we plan to release Book 2 Travels in English. Compared to the original version, it will be twice as big, with 160 pages instead of the original 80! It will be a nice full-color hardcover book, like Book 1 Universe. We intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign at the end of spring to finance a limited edition and all sorts of game aids and bonuses we are currently designing. Feel free to come on the forum and share your ideas!

The other project for 2013 is the translation of the Monastery of Tuath. This small supplement will be sold with the music album “Of Men and Obscurities”. The Kickstarter campaign will also be the opportunity to get this supplement without the album, for those who have already gotten it...

More about all of this soon! Oh! And let's end with something that truly thrilled us: Esteren won three "Tabletop Gaming Awards" for the year 2012!
The awards are: Best Art, Best New Game and Best New Core Rulebook. These awards are given by Diehard GameFAN. This year is really starting off on a good note!

Until next time, once more, have a Happy New Year 2013. See you soon!

Nel & The Esteren Team


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Three Gaming Awards for Esteren!

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"Sometimes a game just comes along and blows you away in all respects. This year, that game was Shadows of Esteren."

Esteren won three "Tabletop Gaming Awards" for the year 2012!
The awards are : Best Art, Best New Game and Best New Core Rulebook.

 These awards are given by Diehard GameFAN: http://diehardgamefan.com/2013/01/11/diehard-gamefans-2012-tabletop-gaming-awards/

 We are very happy and honored!


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