A Brand New Portal For Shadows of Esteren's Website

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After years of loyal service, the Shadows of Esteren portal is due for an overhaul! You can find the new version here. Developed by Pierstoval, the creator of Esteren maps, and co-designed with Nelyhann, the portal’s characteristics are as follows:

- Those used to the old version will be in familiar territory. This portal is organized like the previous one, with links to the various aspects of our transmedia project.

 - By registering on the website. You can use the Esteren maps online software, a Google maps-like application for the peninsula of Tri-Kazel.

 - We are still working on an online shop, but it will come. Promise! - You can listen to Esteren’s OSTs on Soundcloud, download Book 0 directly, and access many other handy subjects and features.

Enjoy and feel free to give us your feedback :)

The link to the new portal: https://portal.esteren.org/en/


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Adeliane : Our New Kickstarter is Live!

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Today is the start of a new Kickstarter campaign, a small one that will last a dozen days. Yep, just like that, without warning!
Its core purpose will be to complete the production of the upcoming music album, Adeliane, and to offer you a physical CD version, as well as a limited edition vinyl one for music fans. Instead of making Adeliane available as a preorder via Backerkit, we have chosen to make this quick Kickstarter campaign in order to get the news out.. The artists involved have been working on it for several months, and it would be a shame for their efforts to go unnoticed!

In that regard, tickets for two concerts are also available through this campaign: one in England, in June, and one in Germany, in October. We hope to see many of you there! In addition, you can also preorder a limited edition of the graphic novel Yldiane, which is ready to be printed. Last but not least, this Kickstarter includes a new book, halfway between an artbook and a role-playing game sourcebook that we have been thinking about for some time: Melwan.

Concerning this book:

The Shadows of Esteren series includes several supplements (The Monastery of Tuath, The Black Moon Handbook, Occultism…) that explore specific aspects of its universe. Melwan’s focus is the eponymous vale from which Adeliane and her sister Yldiane hail. This hardcover artbook of about 60 pages is written from the perspective of an in-universe character, just like how the Black Moon Handbook was written by Steren Slaine. Here, the author is Neala, a shepherdess and Caernide breeder from Melwan. She talks about Yldiane (through a CYOA-like story), describes Melwan and the surrounding vale (which takes the shape of a game aid dedicated to the region’s noteworthy locations, personalities, and flora), and covers the local fauna, as well as more unusual creatures (in the form of a bestiary).

Find out more at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agate/adeliane-album-and-tour

Meanwhile, we are still working on Dearg; Volume 1 is almost complete!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your staunch support. With your help, we can keep going further and, year after year, go on with giving our all and making this series the best it can be.


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