Shadows of Esteren : New Releases in April 2022

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Now that backers have received their packages, it's time for the new Shadows of Esteren books to hit the stores! 6 new items will be available in the stores from this Monday, April 25, 2022! Enjoy!


In this artbook, you will find what constitutes the essence of the world of Esteren through more than 200 artworks, including many yet- unpublished ones. Get ready for a new journey, diving into an intimist, sublime atmosphere... 

Amidst centennial forests and across the moors, mist spreads through the circles of stones. From their monasteries, the followers of the One turn to the almighty power of faith for solace as they fight terrifying sorcerers. In the kingdom of Reizh, the Magientists seek to reshape the society of today to pave the way for tomorrows of discoveries and progress. Everyone struggles against the mysteries of a dangerous world, populated with monstrous creatures— Feondas—and threatened by the proximity of Limbo.

Retail Price : $50


Intended for Game Leaders and Players, this Shadows of Esteren book Through a narrative exposition, Melwan takes you on a journey with Neala the focuses on Melwan, the vale adjacent to Dearg’s. Half-RPG supplement, half- bard as your guide. As a typical mountain vale, Melwan’s landscape is varied, made artbook, it will take you to the heart of a Tri-Kazelian land, in an atmosphere at the of cliffs, forests, and swamps dominated by an ancient castle. Travelers who stop at same time intimistic and mysterious. the village’s inn for a night or two only have the faintest idea of what is going on in the region.

This supplement includes plentiful worldbuilding material and many game aids, such as:
Tales of Fur and Feathers. Old classics of the peninsula told by bards for the delight of both children and adults, these moral or satirical tales depict animals going through stories that reflect human situations and preoccupations.
Fauna and Flora. The locals have developed many ways of gathering and fashioning food, clothes, and utilities from their environment, adapting themselves to the current season and surrounding biomes.
Concocting Potions. Gwylmith, Morphene, Searbhase, and Tearmane are some of the typical medicinal plants of Tri-Kazel. A game aid dedicated to herbalism provides several examples of therapeutic concoctions that Players can make and use.
Supply Incidents. In Tri-Kazel, a simple shopping anomaly can become the starting point of a veritable adventure.
Bestiary of Melwan. Learn more about the local fauna, and discover the powerful Mórbear and the murderous Guilthas Man—a Feond. 

Retail Price : $29,90


For years, the Reizhite medium Ysvan has traveled the roads of Tri-Kazel to find his sister. Accom- panied by his assistant, a young woman named Lelyandra, he will venture into the sinister abandoned home of the Mac Grym family. No one has dared set foot within these cursed walls since the tragic, maddening events that took place there. Yet, this is where Ysvan will go, never mind the dangers he may face and the ugly truths he may uncover. Cross the threshold of Kaer Skarden and open your senses to the unfathomable. Ysvan’s journey will take you beyond the boundaries of sanity for a hair-raising read!

Retail Prince : $14,99


“You are now only one day’s walk away from your next destination, the village of Esen. It is late spring, and the wind and rain keep you company in the heart of the woods you are progressing through. You follow signs left by Varigals, invisible or incomprehensible to untrained eyes, and at dusk, you reach a small wooden cabin where you decide to spend the night.”

Yldiane is a young Varigal who has just left her mentor to follow her own path. On her way back to her native village, she makes a halt in a shelter in the middle of the woods, unaware of what she is about to be embroiled into. What should have just been a short stop on the road becomes an adventure that will require Yldiane to shed light on ancient secrets and on a fiendish conspiracy brewing in this peaceful region of Reizh.
Explore the Shadows of Esteren universe through a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure interactive story. Be brave, be discerning, and most of all, be wise if you want to overcome the obstacles, mysteries, and enemies awaiting you!
To play, all you need is this book and something to keep notes on.

Retail Price : $19,99 


Yldiane is a 16-page graphic novel that tells the story of Yldiane's return to Melwan. Yldiane is written by Emmanuel Roudier and co-written by Nel, author of Shadows of Esteren.

Retail Price : $4,99


Adeliane is a music album inspired by the universes of Philip Glass, Agnes Obel, and David Darling. It is one more window to the world of Shadows of Esteren, a medieval world filled with dark romanticism, where ghastly horror and awe-inspiring beauty go hand in hand. Adeliane is one of the main characters of the Shadows of Esteren saga. A young woman crushed under the weight of a tragic past; a strong, brave young woman on a quest to shed light on the mysteries that haunt her nightmares. This album tells her story.

It is composed by François Rousselot, the composer of the OST of Mr Hublot, a short film that won the Oscar for best short animation in 2014.

Retail Price : $20

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