Esteren ruleset becomes a generic game system & Posthuman Saga RPG annoucement

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We are very happy to announce that the Shadows of Esteren game system will become a generic RPG system so that it can be adapted to other universes! Its working title is the "Story Arc System" to emphasize roleplay and the evolution of the characters, and it aims to be a simple and efficient system at the service of storytelling.

We have many projects for the Story Arc System and we are very excited to announce the first one in co-production with our friends from Mighty Boards: the Posthuman Saga RPG! This is going to be based on their flagship character development and narrative board game Posthuman Saga, an ongoing adventure with a very rich backstory that unfolds with every expansion.

" In Posthuman Saga you play as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us. Just over a year ago all you wanted was to find the Fortress, the last human bastion in a region overrun by mutants. Today, you’re being sent out beyond the safety of its walls on a journey into the uncharted Wilds. There’s a dozen survivors for every mouth the Fortress can feed. It’s time to earn your place within its walls once and for all."

Quite a program, huh? Posthuman's universe, writing and artistic direction are really very inspiring! This year, our studios are going to produce a first book including everything you need to play. It will be ready somewhere in 2022.

If you want to discover the Posthuman world, now is the time, because our friends have a Kickstarter in progress for their board game... it ends in a few days, don't miss it! You can check it out over here. 

And here is the complete press release about the Posthuman Saga RPG.



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