Back from Gen Con... and a New Award for Esteren!

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Intense, magical, thrilling... once more, Gen Con proved true to its reputation! This year, we were glad to receive another award for Esteren: a gold ENnie in the “Best Cartography” category. You can guess how ecstatic we were!

Our new award! This is Esteren's fourth ENnie, which makes it the French RPG with the most awards under its belt :D 

Chris, Nel, and Clovis, right after receiving the award! 

Every year, Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (ENnies for short) are granted in many categories. In 2013, we had earned three awards, and it was with pride and emotion that we received this fourth reward! We would like to thank all the community members who took the time to vote and support us: many thanks to every one of you!

A sample from one of the 5 maps

The Cartography of Tri-Kazel project was initiated in 2013, in the course of a subscription campaign. Bringing it to completion took two years of hard work involving every member of the team at some point or another. Therefore, this award comes as a reward for the efforts of the whole team, particularly Akae's, who drew the initial layer in black and white by hand.

Gen Con overall was very successful for Esteren. Four hectic days we would not have survived without the staunch help of our tremendously generous volunteers: Michael, Travis, Skyler, Benjamin, Shawn, Robert, Raine, Cynthia, Daniel, Richard, Taylor, and James. An exemplary team, with whom we shared many memorable moments!

With one of the authors of Baby Bestiary! 

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And that's it!

Until next year!


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