A Brand New Portal For Shadows of Esteren's Website

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After years of loyal service, the Shadows of Esteren portal is due for an overhaul! You can find the new version here. Developed by Pierstoval, the creator of Esteren maps, and co-designed with Nelyhann, the portal’s characteristics are as follows:

- Those used to the old version will be in familiar territory. This portal is organized like the previous one, with links to the various aspects of our transmedia project.

 - By registering on the website. You can use the Esteren maps online software, a Google maps-like application for the peninsula of Tri-Kazel.

 - We are still working on an online shop, but it will come. Promise! - You can listen to Esteren’s OSTs on Soundcloud, download Book 0 directly, and access many other handy subjects and features.

Enjoy and feel free to give us your feedback :)

The link to the new portal: https://portal.esteren.org/en/


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