ENnies, GenCon... some news from the US!

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Hi everyone,

GenCon is over now, it was pure madness..! Esteren won three Ennies and the show was a huge success. It was so moving to receive those rewards..!

The warm welcome and very brotherhood feels was also very moving. Receive congrats and hugs from the best RPG compagnies is something very special.

Chris Birch (Achtung! Cthulhu), Nel and and Lisa Stevens

When Lisa Stevens says to you "you remind me our beginnings" or something like that, you know it is a very special moment...!!! Thank you to everyone who came to see us!! A special thanks to all the backers who came, it was so great to meet you all!

Richard (backer and great volunteer), Gawain (illustrator) and Franck (proofreader)

FFG staff with Amanda (retailer in Chicago and so nice volunteer) and Valentin from Agate RPG

A GREAT and so nice Osta-Baille backers with Gawain 

Nel, Gregory (cheers Becky!!!!) Richard, Clovis and Robert!

Val, Clovis, Daniel, Richard, Franck, Nel and Gawain

Nel and Brom... another crazy moment....!!!

You can check more pictures here and here.

In fact, all this would NEVER have happened without you. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

You are an awesome community, we are so proud of you. Esteren is an universe, a game but it is also a community. We will always try to do our best for you !


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