This is why...

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This is why we are doing Shadows of Esteren night and day:

"Hi - just to note that I got my books, box etc and i have to say the quality is breathtaking. The artwork is some of the best i have ever seen in my all my 30+ years of enjoying the hobby." Keith Robbins

"I received my boxes at the weekend and have to say I am nothing short of impressed by the quality of both the boxes and their contents. Shadows of Esteren is going to take pride of place in my RPG collection, I just hope I can find a group to play it with. " Chris Brind

All of our faithful backers, thanks so much for your continued trust and support ! We put a lot of love in our art and your feedbacks just give us the strenght to do more and better ! THANKS !

You can learn more on the last KS update here :

And soon, our new Kickstarter for the Monastery of Tuath ! We can't wait to launch it !


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