Best Art Award for the Third Year in a Row!

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For the third year in a row, we have the great pleasure of being granted an award for “Best Art,” given by the Diehard GameFAN website. This is an honor and a privilege, especially for a small french RPG.

However, given the current situation in our country, we cannot help but receive this reward in a special way. Indeed, working on fantasy gaming worlds, on horror and ambivalence–like we do–is only possible in a society where freedom of expression is guaranteed. We may not be on the forefront of the matter, but we are still direct beneficiaries of such a policy. All activities related to creation or teaching are likewise concerned.

For this reason, we wish to dedicate this prize to the illustrators and all the people who were murdered lately in Paris and at Charlie Hebdo. This isn't much, but this is our way of expressing our gratitude and respect toward those who have defended and keep defending these fundamental values. For freedom!

Yldiane et la Liberté par Gawain

Nation (© Martin Argyroglo)


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