We Need Your Support! Vote for Esteren in the 2016 ENnie Awards

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Cartography of Tri-Kazel is a 2016 ENnie Award Nominee! This achievement is within our grasp–us, the team, but also and most importantly you, the community supporting us! To win, we need your vote. You can help us by voting "1" in the Best Cartography category, through this link: http://ennie-awards.com/vote/

This project is a very special one: it was Kickstarted in 2013, and bringing it to you proved to be a challenging project. However, it was also a work of love from the whole team. The maps were drawn by hand, then colorized. The design of each coat of arms was the result of detailed research work

This Shadows of Esteren supplement includes detailed maps and coats of arms of the major cities of Tri-Kazel. It is intended for Leaders, but can also be used as an in-game aid, in particular for Varigal characters.

Contents include:
  • Giant maps of the Tri-Kazelian cities Large maps of the three capitals of Tri-Kazel: Osta-Baille (Taol-Kaer), Baldh-Ruoch (Reizh), and Ard-Amrach (Gwidre), in addition to the cities of Expiation and Tulg-Naomh. Each map is 33 x 24 in (84 x 60 cm), fully colored. 
  • Tri-Kazelian coats of arms Each city has its own coat of arms. This supplement includes an art print for each of the five cities: Osta-Baille, Baldh-Ruoch, Ard-Amrach, Expiation, and Tulg-Naomh. 
  • Map folder The maps and art prints are delivered in a geography-themed folder. The Leader can use it to organize related documents or give it to a Player whose character is a Varigal or an otherwise intrepid explorer of the Peninsula. 

If you are willing to help us even more, please forward this message to your friends, and post it on your blogs to spread the word. Each vote counts, and rising above the competition won't be easy... but with you behind us, we can do it!

Thank you so much for your support; without you, we would be nothing!


The team


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