Happy new year !

12:18 PM Iris 0 Comments

There we are! We have barely celebrated the eighth anniversary of Esteren and already 2019 has come!

What is there in store for this new year? Several projects of the Shadows of Esteren universe are reaching completion, such as Dearg, the official campaign, or Adeliane, the latest music album. Others are in progress, like the famous book of Secrets, the comic book, a fifth album… and many others, some of which may bring Esteren to new heights—though it is too soon to talk about it yet. 2019 promises to be a fruitful and eventful year. The adventure goes on with you, the community that has kept supporting us year after year. For that, we thank you deeply, we feel truly blessed.

 A very happy new year to all of you. If you happen to be in France in February, come see us at the Festival des Jeux de Cannes for the first date of our 2019 tour :)

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