Overview of the Shadows of Esteren series

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Many Esteren items have remained unavailable at retail or out of stock for a long time. Since conventions have been canceled, we’ll be making available the stock that was reserved for those dates during the upcoming Kickstarter.

Several books are almost out of stock, such as Book 1 (the core rulebook) or Book 3 (the official campaign). These bundles are 50% off, so don’t hesitate!

Here is an overview of the series:

Book 0 – Prologue: This seminal book includes an overview of the universe, the essential elements of the game system, six pregenerated characters, and three adventures, which stand as spin-offs of the official campaign and introduce some of its main themes. Perfect to get started!

Book 1 – Universe: This core book details the peninsula of Tri-Kazel and contains the complete game system and character creation mechanics. It also includes six unique pregenerated characters, who are central to the Dearg campaign. It is also our most awarded book, having received ENnies for Best Art, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year. It has enjoyed several print runs, but is now unavailable at retail. Through the present Kickstarter campaign, you can order the last remaining copies!

Book 2 – Travels: A book for Game Leaders, Travels is a veritable toolbox featuring: a chapter on noteworthy locations of the peninsula, additional rules and game aids related to traveling, a detailed gallery of NPCs from across the peninsula, a collection of 5 mini-adventures, a mini-campaign titled “A Life Choice,” and a short bestiary.

Book 3 – Dearg: A complete adventure path spanning two volumes, Dearg is the official Shadows of Esteren campaign, a tragic fresco of twenty scenarios that will lead your Players to unearth terrible secrets about themselves and the world. Dearg introduces several unique mechanics, such as narrative arcs and Focuses, for the purpose of more intense sessions and more engaging role-playing. Several of the present campaign’s rewards include the first volume of this campaign, with the second one currently in the works.

The Monastery of Tuath: This book is showcases the inner working and beliefs of the Temple faction and the life of monks. At its heart is the densely packed investigation scenario “Vengeful Words.” This homage to The Name of the Rose can be played as a standalone or as part of the Dearg campaign.

Black Moon Handbook: This supplement is a guide to occultism that can be found in-game by the Player Characters. Written by the NPC Steren Slaine, it offers many game aids to play an occultist, additional rules, 5 mini-adventures on the themes of ghosts and possessions, and a small thematic bestiary.

Hauntings Pocket Book: Some of the pledges include this collection of fiction. Its 5 short stories will immerse you in Tri-Kazel’s life and will introduce you to its occult folklore.

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