Back from Gen Con US 2012!

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Hi everyone!

It has now been ten days since we got back from Gen Con US 2012, the time for us to take a modicum of rest and take stock on everything we have experienced. We attended the event in partnership with Studio 2 Publishing, and we truly had a blast during the four days of this mythic event. We will make sure to come back next year!

Valentin of Agate RPG and Nel, lead director of the Esteren series

This event was the opportunity for us to meet the backers from the Kickstarter campaign and thank them for their support, but also and mainly to introduce Shadows of Esteren to the American community in person. We were delighted that newcomers such as us got very positive opinions, even from people who did not know of the game beforehand. It encourages us to always outdo ourselves and aim for the best! 

During the convention, we also got to make the acquaintance of the fine folks from the Wizards of the Coast staff, and of the makers of the Neverwinter MMORPG. It was almost dizzying to receive the praise of such professionals, which is something like a consecration for a role-playing game. We met lots of nice people, very enthusiastic, thank you all...

Finally, our thanks go to the French fandom who followed us on Facebook and backed us through this whole adventure! You can check out the complete album of the event here.

See you next year!

Thank you everyone for your great support !


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