The end of the first Kickstarter ... and again soon!

2:53 PM Esteren 0 Comments

We hope to complete the package for the Kickstarter backers this week. Over 500 parcels... wow it was hard! We have done our best and we hope that you will be happy when you get yours...

By the way, we hope to send the scenario and the Book 0 Prologue in PDF version before the end of the month. Again we will do our best and we thank you for your patience!

We are so pleased to announce that we are preparing a new Kickstarter for the Book 0 Prologue printed version. For those who missed the first KS, this is also an opportunity to get the latest copies of the limited edition of Book 1 Universe and the latest copies of special items such as artwoarks or character sheets... Stay tuned! 


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